Scottish Working People's History Trust

The Trust, through the good offices of volunteer Veronica Hartwich, is preparing an online access project to bring some of the substantial archive of interviews held by the Trust into publicly accessible format. Veronica is working with the Scottish cultural resources network SCRAN on a pilot project, to publish online reminiscences of two shipyard workers, John Keggie and Gus Swaney both of whom worked at Henry Robb's shipyard in Leith. The work of the Trust will also be highlighted through an information page on the site, which will incorporate an interview with the late Dr Ian Macdougall about his recording of working people's testimony for the Trust over some 20 years. There had been delays to this project and we hope the material will go live in 2021.

This will be the first time that the Trust has adopted an open online delivery method to increase accessibility to its collection of several hundred interviews, and will inform our plans for developing further remote access to the wealth of oral history material in our archive.

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